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The Autumn tour of Chelsea Hotel brings educational workshops to dance groups across the country. Earthfall tutors break down elements of the choreography and rehearsal processes to teach aspiring and emerging dancers of all levels; from young people and beginners, to university students and dancers about to embark on their professional careers.

The workshops are designed to teach Earthfall’s methodology and convey a sense of the way in which the company work, as well as providing production-specific examples of the work featured in the current show. Participants are then able to see examples of what they have learned during the performance, allowing them to contextualise their experiences.

So far, the workshops have received a highly positive response from participants:


“It was a different and interesting experience – I really enjoyed it!”


“Really good experience and I enjoyed it a lot – the best thing was ‘Free Running’ because it needed lots of energy!”


“It was really interesting and I learned loads.”


“Thank you for giving the kids this opportunity…they really enjoyed themselves. We are thinking of incorporating some of the work they did into their end of term showcase. I’m sure that Chelsea Hotel will also be an inspiration.”
– Rhian Cadwaladr, Sbarc Co-ordinator


Augmented by the new digital study pack as an educational aid and resource, the company hope that the workshops will disseminate Earthfall’s professional ethic, choreography and ideas into the wider community and will inspire future generations of professional performers.



Workshops with Dawns i Bawb, Galeri, Caernarfon

Workshops with Dawns i Bawb, Galeri, Caernarfon

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