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Earthfall Partner #8 Sally Varrell

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Sally Varrall

Sally Varrall (Cardiff Met) and Stephan Stockton (Earthfall)

Earthfall has an ongoing relationship with Cardiff Metropolitan University. Their Programme Director for the BA (Hons) Dance degree, Sally Varrall, is a key contact for the company. Sally considers Earthfall as a partner in the industry;  a partner which offers students professional work-based learning experiences and opportunities that inspire, confirm and challenge them. Earthfall regularly take on students from the University for work-based placements and are potential employers of students.

One of Sally’s most enjoyable memories of her involvement with Earthfall is observing and listening to Jess Cohen, one of our artistic directors, directing and working with the students. She believes Earthfall offer a very distinctive voice to dance, movement and theatre in Wales. “…the success of Earthfall’s education work was possible due to how the work engages the participants in diverse ways dependent on their previous and present learning experiences. It not only contributes to but enhances participant learning.

Sally is very familiar with the subject matter of Chelsea Hotel, Earthfall’s latest touring production, having visited the Hotel itself in New York and read about it. Earthfall’s production therefore offered another dimension to her personal association with the subject. Her students from Cardiff Metropolitan studying the dance degree saw the production and wrote an analytic review of the performance and really enjoyed the experience.

Students under Sally’s lead are also involved in other projects happening around Cardiff with other companies. For example, students are involved in research with TaikaBox- Please Switch On Your Mobile Phones- an innovative social media/audience and dance making experience. This is one of many partnerships with the profession that add considerable value to the student learning experience.

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