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Earthfall are inviting you to become part of the Stories from a Crowded Room journey.  Having explored personal apologies during one section of the production, we’re now asking you to explore your own apology through #EFsorry. What have you never had the chance to apologise for?

Throughout the tour we will be working with your digital content that is contributed to create an online gallery of responses. A selection of submissions will be integrated into the visual and audio landscape of one section of the piece; with words lifted from the audience’s hand to the performers mouths. A different combination each night makes for a personalised performance specific to each venue.

Stories from a Crowded Room is our 25th anniversary production and explores stories in motion, through highly physical dance with live music, text and encircling film. With stories taken from the performers personal histories and a look at political protest that is so relevant at this time, this production completely embeds you within the action moving fast and close around you.

How can you get involved?

Simply send us a photograph of a written apology, an audio or a short film clip via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Soundcloud. Add the hashtag #EFsorry to the description and your contribution will automatically become part of the online gallery:


Submit your #EFsorry and be part of the the story.

#EFsorry explained:

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Did you know that we are offering digital and social media workshops across the tour – from social media basic to how it is used in performance.   If you are interested in learning more about this please email Catherine Gomez associate@earthfall.org.uk. 

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