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Earthfall Partners #6 Jenny Allan



Jenny joined the Earthfall team to head the digital engagement campaign for the Chelsea Hotel Tour this Autumn. After studying at the University of Wales Aberystwyth, Jenny trained as a media researcher with Cyfle and worked in marketing as a copywriter, researcher, journalist and marketing executive for many organisations including RWCMD and The Stephens & George Centenary Charitable Trust.  Jenny is a Welsh-speaker with extensive experience in social media marketing and content production.  She is passionate about the arts; performing professionally in several local musical organisations and producing content for local arts and culture publications.

Jenny’s enjoyed working with a mixed media production, where the performance utilises a variety of platforms and movement styles to convey mood and narrative and to being a part of creating a fully immersive experience for the audience before, during and after the production.  She’s was thrilled to be a part of an innovative team that uses  the various facets of digital media to extend the idea of a traditional performance into a tactile and fluid experience for everyone involved.

Jenny is now working on a intercultural music project in India, and on other freelance projects.  You can see what she is up to by following her on twitter @serenlascopy or by following her blog: http://serenlasscribbles.wordpress.com/

Earthfall Partners #5: Julian Castaldi




I’m a photographer and artist born in North Wales, but I grew up in South Wales and moved to LA for a year in the early nineties during the Sunset Strip heyday of Guns n Roses. I started touring with the Stereophonics, shooting film and photography and I’ve also photographed John Malkovich, Eddy Vedder, Oasis, Incubus and many more.

I shot the images for Chelsea Hotel at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff and really enjoyed the shoot. Before Chelsea Hotel I had not met any of the performers and they were all really friendly and easy to work with, it was a fun day.  To have a pioneering theatre group working out of Cardiff and touring the country is awesome and taking and idea such as Chelsea Hotel and bringing it to the stage is fantastic.

I love NY in general; who wouldn’t? The Chelsea Hotel is iconic and when I met up with Jess and Jim to discuss the project we met at Urban Outfitters, where I was working on a show called deLAyed, covering 20 years of my LA travels. It featured photography, but also part of my collection of Americana. So some of the pieces in the show, like the 50’s American fridge were pieces I had collected over the years and it’s good to see them being used for something so worthy. The performers and backdrop looked awesome.

I had actually shot pictures outside the Chelsea Hotel about 10 years ago while working in NY with Wyclef Jean and Tom Jones. It’s a great building and was home to Mark Twain, Dylan Thomas, Jack Kerouac, Stanley Kubrick and many more. An amazing history.

There are definitely no bad memories of working on the show, the company is just a fun, easy-going group of people and it was all very easy: we all went with the flow, which is how it should be – no ego’s allowed.

I live in Dubai and am currently working with a company called West LA on some large format collage artworks all LA images shot over the years, also planning deLAyed 2 for Dubai for mid 2014.

Earthfall Partners #4: – Megan Price



I’m Megan Price, Marketing Manager at Chapter, the place Earthfall call home when they’re not travelling the globe. I’ve been here for over eight years, so I’ve had the pleasure of working with Earthfall several times and they’re always great! Without doubt being in the audience for At Swim, Two Boys was my most memorable experience of Earthfall and their work. I’ve seen it in different venues and versions and it’s always been wonderful: one of the most powerful pieces of dance I have ever seen.


Earthfall are certainly a strong voice for performing arts in Wales. The quality of Earthfall’s work speaks volumes for what Welsh art can produce. They are fantastic ambassadors for our lovely country. I can’t wait to see what Earthfall have come up with for their latest production. Their shows are always exciting and surprising in the best way. I had heard of the Chelsea Hotel before; among other things, my mam is a bit of a Joni Mitchell nut, so Chelsea Morning was part of the soundtrack to my early youth.


I think my own most memorable hotel experience has to be when I went over to the west coast of Ireland with my Grandma to visit family and we stayed in Knockranny House in Westport. My grandparents had been staying there for many years and I know why. The food is amazing and they have a great mixologist.


Last autumn saw our Experimentica festival of live art. It’s always an eye-opening experience and I always look forward to the buzz that Chapter always has during the festival. We also opened on New Year’s Eve for the first time in quite a while. We booked some great bands and it was a great way to see  in 2014!

Earthfall Partners #3: Toby Nelmes



 I’m Toby Nelmes, Director of Nelmes Design, a design company working in Cardiff. I’ve been working with Earthfall to produce all their hard copy print, branding, image and on-line presence since 2007. I’m always amazed at their output; the productions are always fresh and exciting and Chelsea Hotel was among the best I’ve seen. As always the music was great and, coupled with the physicality of the dancers and the really cool stage design, it was brilliant.

“I think the overall feel of being transported to a different place in a different country and becoming involved in the drama as it unfolds was something I really enjoyed about the Chelsea Hotel show. I’m always interested to see how the music, sound recordings, projections and performers all work together.

Earthfall definitely put Wales on the Dance map in a massive way; apart from promoting the Welsh angle it’s pushing the boundaries in many ways.

 The Smartphone app we worked on was a new exercise for us and a particularly challenging one, for me developing the image for a show is always exciting and rewarding.

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