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“I’m sorry, I’m just sorry”

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Earthfall are asking for your apologies. What have you never had the chance to say sorry for?

We’re taking your words and incorporating them into the atmosphere of one segment of the show. New apologies every performance make each viewing unique.

Submit your sorry on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or Soundcloud and tag it with #EFsorry and your apology will be displayed in our online gallery. We’ll also be around before and after each performance to capture apologies in person.

Download our free PDF template and send us your #EFsorry.

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Become part of the story #EFsorry

Participate, Production

Earthfall are inviting you to become part of the Stories from a Crowded Room journey.  Having explored personal apologies during one section of the production, we’re now asking you to explore your own apology through #EFsorry. What have you never had the chance to apologise for?

Throughout the tour we will be working with your digital content that is contributed to create an online gallery of responses. A selection of submissions will be integrated into the visual and audio landscape of one section of the piece; with words lifted from the audience’s hand to the performers mouths. A different combination each night makes for a personalised performance specific to each venue.

Stories from a Crowded Room is our 25th anniversary production and explores stories in motion, through highly physical dance with live music, text and encircling film. With stories taken from the performers personal histories and a look at political protest that is so relevant at this time, this production completely embeds you within the action moving fast and close around you.

How can you get involved?

Simply send us a photograph of a written apology, an audio or a short film clip via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Soundcloud. Add the hashtag #EFsorry to the description and your contribution will automatically become part of the online gallery:


Submit your #EFsorry and be part of the the story.

#EFsorry explained:

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Did you know that we are offering digital and social media workshops across the tour – from social media basic to how it is used in performance.   If you are interested in learning more about this please email Catherine Gomez associate@earthfall.org.uk. 

Arts Active residency


This week Earthfall are very excited to be involved in Ladder, an exuberant, exciting and entertaining evening of dance, drama, music and skills. Showcasing some of Cardiff’s young emerging artists, the Ladder is a variety show with a difference as the group is encouraged to climb ever higher.

Earthfall are spending this week working with young people from 14 – 25, including 9 dancers and 3 musicians to create a selection of Shakespearean based encounters using physical theatre, dance and live music in a residency that culminates in performances this Saturday 8th August, 7:30 at The New Theatre. 

The Ladder night is a collaboration between Arts Active, The New Theatre, Community Music Wales, NoFit State Circus, Rubicon Dance, The Unknown Theatre Company & Everyman Youth Theatre all working with young people to create a brilliant evening of entertainment.

Education update


It is a busy time for our education work at the moment with workshops, final academic performances and residencies.

Dance BA Module Leaders

This year Earthfall are module leaders for Trinity Saint David’s Dance BA for the Dance and other Art Forms module.  The performance looks at themes of identity and self position in the world, in a semi auto-biographical fractured narrative performance; Dredged Memories and Anarchic Dreams is performed as part of the Ignite evening at Y Ffwrnes on Friday June 19th.

Book tickets now to see this great group of students final year piece. £6 – £8.

Arts Active Residency

Earthfall are delivering a week long residency with Arts Active at the New Theatre, with a performance on Saturday 8th August.  Ladder is an exuberant, exciting and entertaining evening of dance, drama, music and skills. Showcasing some of Cardiff’s young emerging artists, the Ladder is a variety show with a difference as the group is encouraged to climb ever higher.

Aimed at young people aged 14-25 this a great opportunity for young people with a range of talents to work with Earthfall and to cultivate new skills.  If you are interested in being involved with Ladder contact bharris@cardiff.gov.uk or visit www.artsactive.org.uk/ladder.

Tickets for Ladder here.

RWCMD Masterclasses

Earthfall are delivering a masterclass for Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama 3rd year acting students as part of their Contextual and Professional Studies module.  This workshop is tailored specifically to the acting course and is part of an ongoing relationship between Earthfall and RWCMD.  Find out more about RWCMD here.

CPD Opportunities

We will shortly be releasing information on our upcoming CPD opportunities.  These are a combination of workshops and intensives are offered free to new professionals, recent graduates and existing independent dance professionals.  In a progression from last years sessions we will be offering a week long intensive, as well as increased collaboration with live music.  If you would like to register your interest please join our mailing list here.



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