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New Chelsea Hotel Study Pack

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The new Earthfall Study Pack is now available for download for ipad from the itunes store. The Pack is designed to be a free, educational resource detailing the mechanics of some of the dance work and rehearsal process involved in the creation of the Chelsea Hotel show. It is designed to be used as an aid for those who participate in Earthfall-run educational workshops, but also functions as a guide to the professional practises utilised by Earthfall, with specific reference to the current production.
The Study Pack also serves as a digital record for Earthfall of the techniques developed during this production. It details choreographic devices, rehearsal tips and devising suggestions; guides readers through the background research, ideas and inspiration and gives readers a glimpse into the backgrounds of the performers and artistic directors.


Chelsea Hotel goes to Lincoln and Spalding

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Week two of the Chelsea Hotel Autumn tour took the company to Lincolnshire for performances in Lincoln’s Drill Hall and Spalding’s South Holland Centre. The show has received fantastic feedback from post-show audiences, celebrating the performance as ‘innovative’, ‘like nothing they have seen before’ and ‘outstanding’.

Audiences at Lincoln Drill Hall were treated to pre-show entertainment from local artists performing Chelsea Hotel related music and enjoyed the show so much that they travelled to Spalding to watch the production again two days later.
Chelsea Hotel came to Spalding’s South Holland Centre, a venue that was completely new to Earthfall and with a different demographic to Lincoln’s Drill hall.. The new audience came away with an enthusiastic response to the performance and we look forward to building our relationship with the Centre and its audiences for future performances.
The new App for iphone and Android devices has also continued to engage audiences, after the performance has finished. With over 80 downloads of the app as well as direct engagement with the Augmented Reality extra scenes immediately after the show, the App has helped to create an extra dimension to the performance experience and generated air of excitements at the venues.

With performances coming up in Plymouth, Kent, Bath and Cardiff in the next few weeks, we’re looking forward to sharing the show and everything that comes with it across the UK.


Lincoln Drill Hall

Lincoln Drill Hall


Chelsea Hotel App Launch

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Chelsea Hotel’s opening shows have seen the release of the brand-new Earthfall app for iphone and android devices.  The app acts as an accompaniment for the production, with background info, a Q&A session with artistic directors Jim Ennis and Jessica Cohen, and sound and visual clips. The app also features an Augmented Reality element, which allows people to access extra scenes, exclusively available to those who have attended a performance. You can download the app here:

Android Store: http://bit.ly/18RQ0wX

Apple Store: http://bit.ly/15INtqz 

app hi res


Chelsea Hotel Autumn Tour


The Chelsea Hotel autumn  tour kicked off earlier this week, opening with performances in Caernarfon’s Galeri on Tuesday and  in Newport’s Riverfront Arts Centre on Thursday.

Caernarfon’s Dawns i Bawb and Sbarc youth arts groups took part in educational dance workshops prior to the show, learning moves from the production and working with Earthfall tutors Jennifer Johannesson and Murilo Leite D’imperio. Participants then attended the show to contextualise the workshops.

Receiving positive post-show reviews and feedback, Chelsea Hotel looks set for a successful UK autumn tour, augmented by the recent innovations of the brand-new App and online, soon-to-be-released interactive study pack, available as an accompaniment to the production and as an educational resource.

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