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Professional Development Classes


Professional Development Class April 2013


On the 10th and 17th of April 2013 Earthfall Dance held two free Professional Development classes at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. The tutors Included Cêt Haf, Murilo Leite D’ Imerio and Sarah Rogers. Murilo and Cêt started off these classes on the 10th, then Cêt and Sarah taught the class on the 17th.

These classes helped to develop movement skills and were open to people from a variety of dance backgrounds and with a range of experience.


These workshops were made available with the support of Chapter Arts Centre and the Arts Council of Wales and were suitable for those who have an interest in exploring new ideas, methods and styles, as well as an interest in developing their physical, creative and choreographic skills.

The workshop explored Earthfall’s unique movement style through contact work, improvisation, partner work and creative studies. They enable the participants to explore their own creativity within the context of Earthfall’s repertoire and methodologies.


These workshops are inspired by the movement material from Chelsea Hotel the latest Earthfall production. Unfortunately the Professional Development classes are no longer running at this present time, however we hope to set up some future  classes during the Chelsea Hotel run.


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