Dynamic Dance Music and Film


The Ridings Residency – April 2013


Earthfall’s five day annual residency with The Ridings School took place this month.  Artistic Director  Jessica Cohen, dance tutors, Murilo Leite D’ Imerio and Kayleigh Crook along with musician, Tim Wilson collaborated with the year 9 and 10 students.  The drama students worked with ideas based on the infamous Chelsea Hotel to create performance material for the final show.  The 42 students, consisting of 36 Drama students and 6 Music students, worked extremely hard throughout the week to pull off a sell-out performance of 160 people on the Friday evening.   The drama students also engaged their musical talent by performing with many different instruments such as the violin, saxophone, flute and bassoon.

The lighting and rigging and set-up of the piece was handled and designed by the students themselves. The students also took the role of Front of House, welcoming and ushering people to their seats.  The final performance demonstrated the students’ full dedication over the duration of the residency and combined physical theatre with dance, allowing the students to fully embrace the ideas from the stimulus given.

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