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Audition Workshops – Cardiff Met



There is no moment you are off stage in an audition – show your passion at every moment
 Artistic Director, Jess Cohen

Third year dance students from Cardiff Metropolitan University came to Chapter Arts this week to  work with dancer Alex Marshall Parsons, Artistic Director Jess Cohen and Earthfall General Manager Stephan Stockton to learn the fundamentals of a dance audition process.



After a brief session with Stephan Stockton on what to expect at auditions, your rights and responsibilities as a participant and the formalities behind the process, Chelsea Hotel’s Alex Marshall Parsons led the group through a warm-up and some Chelsea Hotel choreography.

The group were taught some set movements and then given the opportunity to improvise and devise their own material before presenting their work to the panel as in a real audition. The group were then given feedback and information on their work and tips on how to make an impression at audition.



I learned a lot about myself and my body and how I react in different situations as well as the ins and outs of what happens at a professional audition
3rd year Dance Student, Cardiff Met





Artistic Director Jess Cohen talked the group through what Earthfall look for in people who audition with us and how that can differ from company to company. She gave away top tips to help prepare the group for professional life after graduation.


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