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At Salisbury Arts Centre the Chelsea Hotel performance was heralded by the work of Jigsaw Youth Dance, who have been working with Earthfall tutors Billy Brown and Hannah Darby.

Basing their ideas on sections of Chelsea Hotel repertoire, the young dancers were able to develop their own creative work, which they performed for the Chelsea Hotel audience as they awaited curtain-up.

“I’m really thrilled at the work the dancers have come up with,” said Artistic Director Jess Cohen. “They’ve developed some really interesting ideas and it looks fantastic.”

The workshops have provided the group not only with the opportunity to learn professional repertoire and unique choreography from trained professional dancers, but allowed them to showcase what they had learned and then see the source of the workshops live on stage.



Carrie Madgwick, Jigsaw founder and leader, has been working hard with the company to instil a professional ethos and standard within the group. We were delighted when the opportunity arose for Jigsaw to have a two-day residency with Earthfall and then support the company by performing a curtain raiser before “Chelsea Hotel”

The group worked solidly for two days to create a short but effective performance that challenged the conceptions of dance. In that time the group learned many new approaches to contemporary dance which they will take with them on their Jigsaw journey.

The group were proud to have been part of a new and one-off performance unique to Salisbury Arts Centre and Jigsaw.
Becka Davies, Youth and Education Officer, Salisbury Arts Centre

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