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Our penultimate performance at Aberystwyth Arts Centre last night had an enthusiastic response from the near sell-out audience, with people piling in for the post-show talk with the Company.

Students, audience members and reviewers took the opportunity to ask artistic directors Jim Ennis and Jessica Cohen and performers Sebastian Languener, Jess Haener, Alex Marshall-Parsons and Rosalind Brooks a multitude of questions after the show.

Addressing issues from sexuality and gender to Chelsea Hotel residents and stories, the Company chatted at length with the audience, explaining the artistic process and inspiration behind the performance and explaining Earthfall’s immersive approach to performance through their free Smartphone app.

The Company are heading off to Bournemouth tomorrow for the final performance of Chelsea Hotel at Pavilion Dance. Below you can read a selection of what the Company had to say from our Twitter feed:


  1. “The set and props come during the devising process – Ros & Daniel created a duet using a couch. Over time that became a bed” @sebastian_l_
  2. “The mattress is so uncomfortable and unforgiving!!” @sebastian_l_

  3. “Silence and pauses in sound can be incredibly significant; you have to work out how best to use it in the overall dynamic” Jess Cohen

  4. “We go into an empty space in silence to work things out. The music builds up naturally and gradually” @jimennis1

  5. “As I worked more with the company our developing relationship got stronger; there is more truth in the performance” Jess Haener – performer

  6. “Every performance has a new breath of life in it. As we tour & get to know one another, that changes how we interact in stage” @AMarshallP

  7. “We all put our heart and soul into a production and to create something really personal to the members of the Company.” Jess Cohen

  8. “There’s an element of autobiography in all of our work. We try and identify our own experiences with those we portray on stage” Jim Ennis

  9. “We wanted to show an extraordinary building that housed extraordinary people to the audience” Jess Cohen artistic director

  10. #chelseahotel had a mix of people immigrants, artists, families, people gave birth & died there…” Jim Ennis artistic director

  11. Post show talk filling up quick! Llawer o bobl I glywed y sgwrs ar ol y sioe! pic.twitter.com/IGsNkzclrE

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