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Earthfall’s Partners – Andrew Greer


Andrew Greer


Earthfall’s work would  be impossible without the hard work and talent of the many people who contribute to the many different aspects that make performances possible. Each week we’ll be catching up with one of these amazing people and hearing what they’ve got to say


This week we catch up with Andrew Greer of Arthur Leone PR:


Arthur Leone PR handle the press for the tour of Chelsea Hotel. The first production I worked with Earthfall on was At Swim Two Boys and it was such a fantastic piece. I remember trying to decide on where we should sit critics so that the water wouldn’t splash them, then I hastily sat in the front row at the last minute and got soaked! It was great fun.


I think Earthfall are a fantastic company and one that Wales should be very proud of. I respect that Earthfall are keen to educate and inspire audiences in and out of Wales, and they also provide a range of learning and participation opportunities wherever they tour. I think inspiring the next generation is key and shows that there is talent all over the UK.


Earthfall aren’t afraid to push the boundaries within dance and challenge audiences. I also think it’s crucial that they share their work and tour their productions, not only in Wales, but in England and elsewhere (which is no mean feat!).


I hadn’t heard of the hotel before working on the current production with Earthfall, but upon researching it, I was fascinated by the place and hope to visit one day. It’s such an iconic building; I’d have loved to have been there!


As a musician I was very excited about the live music aspect, especially as the musicians were visible. I think it was very much in keeping with the bohemian feel of the piece. I was also, obviously, looking forward to the choreography and costumes and they didn’t disappoint!

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