Dynamic Dance Music and Film


Earthfall Partners #3: Toby Nelmes



 I’m Toby Nelmes, Director of Nelmes Design, a design company working in Cardiff. I’ve been working with Earthfall to produce all their hard copy print, branding, image and on-line presence since 2007. I’m always amazed at their output; the productions are always fresh and exciting and Chelsea Hotel was among the best I’ve seen. As always the music was great and, coupled with the physicality of the dancers and the really cool stage design, it was brilliant.

“I think the overall feel of being transported to a different place in a different country and becoming involved in the drama as it unfolds was something I really enjoyed about the Chelsea Hotel show. I’m always interested to see how the music, sound recordings, projections and performers all work together.

Earthfall definitely put Wales on the Dance map in a massive way; apart from promoting the Welsh angle it’s pushing the boundaries in many ways.

 The Smartphone app we worked on was a new exercise for us and a particularly challenging one, for me developing the image for a show is always exciting and rewarding.

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