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Earthfall Partners #6 Jenny Allan



Jenny joined the Earthfall team to head the digital engagement campaign for the Chelsea Hotel Tour this Autumn. After studying at the University of Wales Aberystwyth, Jenny trained as a media researcher with Cyfle and worked in marketing as a copywriter, researcher, journalist and marketing executive for many organisations including RWCMD and The Stephens & George Centenary Charitable Trust.  Jenny is a Welsh-speaker with extensive experience in social media marketing and content production.  She is passionate about the arts; performing professionally in several local musical organisations and producing content for local arts and culture publications.

Jenny’s enjoyed working with a mixed media production, where the performance utilises a variety of platforms and movement styles to convey mood and narrative and to being a part of creating a fully immersive experience for the audience before, during and after the production.  She’s was thrilled to be a part of an innovative team that uses  the various facets of digital media to extend the idea of a traditional performance into a tactile and fluid experience for everyone involved.

Jenny is now working on a intercultural music project in India, and on other freelance projects.  You can see what she is up to by following her on twitter @serenlascopy or by following her blog: http://serenlasscribbles.wordpress.com/

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