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Earthfall Partners #7: Michael Barnes


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My name is Michael Barnes; I’m an independent filmmaker and have been working with Earthfall for over ten years.

I have so many lovely memories of Earthfall, so it’s hard to pick one, I’m always mesmerised by the power of Earthfall’s dancers during live shows so there are moments that haunt and enchant in equal measure. I guess I’m a frustrated performer at heart! Is it too late?

I think that there are a number of active dance companies in Wales but Earthfall is truly unique —The subject matter that Jess and Jim take on is always courageous, and the dancers have to be multi disciplined – singers, musicians, actors. Amazing.

Surviving as a viable performing arts company for any length of time is incredibly difficult. Earthfall have decades of tours, shows and experience that is very valuable. To be able to feed this back into the performing arts community is both generous and essential for the Arts in the UK.

I had heard of the Chelsea Hotel before but my knowledge was scant. This is another element that I love when I work with Earthfall – I have to do research into a subject so I can understand it, so I’m able to create a film that reflects the period/mood. Earthfall have educated as well as entertained me!

Chelsea Hotel is the most physically demanding production I have seen to date, my mind boggles to think that the dancers have to express this much energy every night on a tour. It’s high risk stuff and the audiences are clearly mesmerised by that.

The thing I find most exciting is that Jess and Jim are completely unpredictable. Each show is completely unique, there is always a different narrative, period or location, it keeps me on my toes!

When i am not working for Earthfall, I make films through my company ‘Tall Man Films’, and have a number of projects going through at the moment from music videos to a documentary about cycling.

If you want to find out more, or get in touch please go to  www.tallmanfilms.com!

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