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Arts and Culture has an impact on individuals and society in a huge variety of ways.  We know this definitively because we are told it time and time again by the audiences and participants we engage with, from all ages and all backgrounds.


 “It moved me to tears, don’t tell anybody.  I want to experience it again! Life is all about this!”


Life is all about this…Our audience speak for themselves, they know the importance arts and culture has, from health and wellbeing, to education and economic development.  In our experience arts attenders and participants are not defined to a single category; we meet and engage with audiences from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds and communities.  We know that what we, as arts organisations do, makes a difference to our society.


“Thank you for the residency.  That was one of the best weeks of my life”

“Students gained confidence and new life skill.”


When people are gathered in a space together, regardless of what art form they are engaging with, it does not matter about where they came from or what part of society they are in.  They are there for one reason:


“What great theatre should do is to grab you at the first moment, tell you a story, charge your emotions and leave you feeling you have seen something magical.”


We want to celebrate this impact arts and culture has on society as a whole.  The arts can provide a common space to break down barriers, inspire and engage.   What is rare in today’s society, is the opportunity to have a shared emotional experience, after all, life is all about this!

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