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Cardiff Metropolitan University Workshops


Earthfall have been working alongside Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU) to deliver a series of workshops to all three years, across the academic calender.  On the 25th and 26th September Earthfall led four workshops at CMU as part of their fresher activity.

Thursday 25th Sept, Workshops 1&2:

Fri 26th Sept, Workshops 3&4:

Led by two teams of 2, Billy Brown and Jennifer Johannson along with Joanne Young and Cêt Haf.  The workshops were based around a range of elements such as technique, improvisation and lifts and were specially designed to engage and inspire all three years and to encourage collaboration between the year groups.

Led by Sally Varrall the CMU dance course is a three year BA (Hons) Dance, covering all spectrum from pedagogy to performance.   The course is located on the CMU sports campus, so they can benefit from the expertise within the well established sports departments and can utilizes the skills and resources available.

At the end of each academic year there is a showcase combining all three years, with performances open to the public.  You can find out more about the course, check out their website.

Earthfall have a long standing relationship with CMU, this year we are leading on conditioning evening classes to improve fitness levels to a professional performance standard and we also lead audition workshops to help prepare the dancers for professional dance auditions.   The students will also engage with the company through attending performances and rehearsals where possible.

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