Dynamic Dance Music and Film


Coleg Ceredigion 2014


Earthfall led a week long residency with Coleg Ceredigion performing arts students, involving dance, physical theatre and music.

 Over a period of five days, students under the direction of Earthfall’s artisitc team, devised a body of physical performances entitled Time is Constant.  The team leading the project included Jessica Cohen, Co-artistic Director, Daniel Connor (At Swim Two Boys) , Rosalind Haf Brooks (Gravitas, Gig, The Factory, Chelsea Hotel, Stories from a Crowded Room) and musician and technician 

The performance is based on the students’own personal family trees and what they would put in a box that they wanted to leave as a memory of themselves including their most treasured items. The work discusses themes such as ‘what would be their last words when they only had a little breath left?’, and the work also took into account different conflicts from around the world, such as current struggles in places like Ukraine and Syria.

“This is the second year running that we have been lucky enough to distract Earthfall from their busy international schedule to get them to work alongside our theatre and dance students to create a show,”explained Ashley Wallington, curriculum manager for the performing arts at Coleg Ceredigion. “Once again the experience has been incredible for all involved – the process and performance work has been exciting, cutting edge and life changing. Together they have created everything from scratch in a week, including choreography, lyrics, design and all of the musical composition. None of the students will ever make a show in the same way again.”

Jessica Cohen, artistic director of Earthfall commented: “It was great to come back for a second year and once again the students were absolutely fantastic to work with.  Enthusiastic, talented and hard-working, we couldn’t have asked for a better group.  We get just as much out of it as we hope they do, and we are looking forward to continuing our relationships with Coleg Ceredigion in the future.  The work we do with these students directly help us feed into our next production Stories from a Crowded Room, which will tour from Spring 2015 onwards.”

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