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Gill Banks – Artist in Residence


Introducing Gill Banks

Gill Banks is a talented artist working on inspiration from Earthfall’s 25 year archive of image, film, dance, notes, photos, stories and interviews with Artistic Directors Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis.


Earthfall have a history of working with Visual Artists from University of South Wales (previously University of Glamorgan) and this year we are delighted to be hosting the wonderful Gill Banks as an artist in residence. (See The Factory / At Swim Two Boys)

As this is our 25th year, we thought it would be a great project for her to look at the history of Earthfall and create a piece of artwork based on this as inspiration.  Gill has spent a long time going through videos, images, notebooks, stories, personal histories as well as interviewing our Artistic Directors Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis.  The placement takes place over three month from Dec 2014 – Feb 2015 and will culminate in a presentation of her work through digital channels with the potential of an exhibition.

In her own words:

“I hesitate to describe myself as a mature student.  My art is a long way from being mature.  Finally free to pursue my passion, I’m at last a student, joining the University of South Wales at its birth.  So, here we both are, the University and I, both old and new at the same time.”

You can find out more about Gill at her website: http://gillbanksartstudent.tumblr.com/or follow her on Twitter @gillbanksart

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