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Finish our apologies


All of the segments of Stories from a Crowded Room are semi-autobiographical, based on true stories from company members. By piecing together small snippets of a persons reality, Artistic Directors Jim Ennis and Jessica Cohen were able to create the fragmented narrative of the production. Sharing and exploring stories has always been an essential part of Earthfall’s devising process.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell. As part of the #EFsorry campaign, we want to hear the stories behind your ‘Sorry’s’. Why are you sorry that you’re not good enough? Why are you sorry that you feel insecure? Why are you sorry that you broke that promise?

Finish our apologies with your own stories and send them to us in your preferred medium using the hashtag #EFsorry.




Get involved and follow the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Soundcloud. You can check out the full story at our online gallery.

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