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Chelsea Hotel Film


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This site location film is a companion piece to the original stage production ‘Chelsea Hotel’ which toured the UK in spring and autumn of 2013.  The production won a Wales Theatre Award for Best Small-Scale Dance, and was nominated for Best Dance in the Manchester Theatre Awards.  The film was shot whilst on tour at an ‘infamous’ hotel in the North of England.


Directed by Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis

Camera and Editing by Mike Blackwood Barnes (Tallmanfilms.com)



Rosalind Haf Brooks

Jim Ennis

Jessica Haener

Sebastian Langueneur

Alex Marshall Parsons


Composition and Music:

Frank Naughton

Sion Orgon

Felix Otaola


Click through to the Production Archive for more information about the production, behind the scene footage, soundtrack and gallery.

Chelsea Hotel was supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council of England and the Performing Rights Society Foundation.

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