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Bakkus (2007) was Earthfall’s third collaboration with Poland’s Teatr Chorea; the latter now becoming the rising stars of new-wave Polish theatre.
The work explored fanaticism, cultism and religious fervor and drew mainly from Euripides’ The Bacchae.

Bakkus was set in a nightclub cellar and used Earthfall’s heady blend of film, original music, text, imagery and powerful physical movement combined with Chorea’s extraordinary choral work derived from traditional and ancient musical sources. The music was composed by Paul Wigens and Roger Mills and on the contemporary side mixed New Orleans style soul blues with Nick Cave-like indie jazz to fuse with Elina Toneva’s traditional Bulgarian songs.

The performance delivered an intense, powerful and vivid effect on the senses as Earthfall’s dynamic choreography, film and anarchic movement infused the choir as it moved through the space.

Bakkus toured Wales and Poland.

Programme: Earthfall BAKKUS Brochure Revised



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