Dynamic Dance Music and Film



Earthfall’s first work dealt with the collision of cultures and fused movement styles from martial arts to New Wave Dance.  The production incorporated Super 8 Film projected on a suspended drum, an onstage Fairlight Computer with live sample mix and text and images based on John Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing’ and Wim Wender’s film, ‘Wings of Desire’ and utilised the concept of the fallen angel, and Rodin’s sculpture in the National Museum of Wales, Illusions Falling to Earth.

The production toured throughout the UK and included the New Moves Festival in Glasgow and the company’s first of many visits to the Spring Loaded Festival at The Place in London.  Because of the success of this first tour Earthfall received several invitations from festivals and venues and as a result Jim Ennis and Jessica Cohen founded the company in Cardiff, Wales, UK under the same name.

Earthfall was a collaboration between, Jessica Cohen, Jim Ennis, Peter Crosbie (musician / composer), Frank Roselaar-Green (dancer/ choreographer) and Belinda Neave (dancer / choreographer).


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