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Fabulous Wounds

Fabulous Wounds was an emotionally charged and darkly humorous portrayal of a failed terrorist and holy fool. Earthfall pursued themes of unrequited love, terror, childhood memory, stigmatics and worshipping icons to the live music of Paul and Jon Wygens.

From 1993 Earthfall had collaborated with Gerald Tyler as a Technician and co-creator, but Fabulous Wounds (1997)was his first outing as an Earthfall performer. His mercurial performance also documented several autobiographical monologues from his early days of weapon building to near-death experiences. This was also designer Mike Brookes’ seventh Earthfall collaboration.

Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis were able to work with a company of eight performers for the first time and the choreography went from minimalist cool ensemble sequences to high-energy confrontation. Fabulous Wounds toured throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

“The sheer exuberance of the troupe clearly delighted its capacity audience. A fusion of grace, stillness and athletic acrobatics”
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