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Forever And Ever

Earthfall were commissioned by the UK Year of Literature Festival to produce a piece of performance theatre and so invited Irish author, Jamie O’Neill to collaborate on Forever and Ever.

Earthfall based this work on a catalytic event in the life of company member, Margarida Morini. As a teenager she was involved in the demonstrations against the brutal regime in Brazil in the 70’s. On one of these protests, her best friend, Anna Soares, was abducted and held incommunicado, as one of ‘the disappeared’, for three years, during which time she was tortured and paralysed. Cohen and Ennis explored the emotionality and physicality of confinement, oppression and compassion as they followed a theme of the two women confronting the man who had perpetrated this atrocity, in an attempt to reach an understanding.

This work toured throughout the UK and Europe including the Festival of Theatre Confrontations in Poland and was supported by Amnesty International, who participated with the company in pre and post–performance audience discussions.


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