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Out of harmony comes discord

GIG (2009/10): a high-octane satirical rampage through the human condition with dark humour, bold dance, live music and film from the multi-award winning Earthfall.
GIG: the story of a band that encapsulates the world outside with songs, film and extreme dances of love and loathing. The transient and turbulent relationships, trashed instruments, bloody noses and drunken reconciliations are witnessed as they struggle to make sense of their world.

This 20th anniversary production follows a band on tour, living in a surreal world removed from the reality of life. Transporting you on an emotional ride, it takes you from the exciting to the ridiculous and the comical to the poignant.

The 2009/10 company were Rosalind Brooks, Frank Naughton, Sion Orgon, Beth Powlesland, Lara Ward and Michael Williams

The production is Directed by Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis, and designed by Mike Brookes.

Read the amazing audience feedback: AUDIENCE FEEDBACK



Hear the full soundtrack from Gig as well as a radio interview from their UK wide tour.

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