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Earthfall’s 2008 devised work, Gravitas (2008/9) is immersed in a derelict urban city outskirts, with an assembled group of eight performers playing out their fractured narratives.  Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis decided to immerse the performers in this no-mans-land where the interactions, dances, words, black-and-white film, rapid-fire images and relationships continuously explode, implode then settle. All this cross-disciplinary action reflects events from the performers’ personal histories and Earthfall’s reaction to global events from Guantanamo to Iraq.

Cohen and Ennis sourced the testimony of soldiers and Guantanamo prisoners from blogs and government released files. Mike Brookes’ highly contemporary image screens are peppered with words and images created by Jim Ennis and VJ Gerald Tyler. An powerful live music score composed and performed by Frank Naughton and Sion Orgon, with company members, is a perfect symbiosis with the choreography as Gravitas journeys from the perilous to the poetic.


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Gravitas – POSCTARDS



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