Dynamic Dance Music and Film


i and i (USA)


Earthfall’s prototype performance ‘i and i’  was performed at the New World Arts Festival, in New Haven, USA by director Jim Ennis who was a visiting lecturer at Yale University alongside Yale Theatre Studies lecturer, Jeff Burnett.   It was an experimental performance within artist David Kalan’s sculptural installation in an underground carpark in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, with a man-made stream flowing through the space linking the sculptural elements together.

It was always the intention of directors Jim Ennis and Jessica Cohen to make a new performance work using the installation again as a contextual provocation, as they had previously performed Nomads in the same space.  It was performed in a downtown underground carpark within sculptor David Kalan’s installation. The performance presented the image of two politicians in search of their soul, suits caked with decaying skin careering through the space with a stars and stripes flag ablaze; an image that was particularly taboo at that time.

The work was later developed for five performers in 1994 to reflect the human cost of war.


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