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I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down (Site Specific)

Winner of the 2003 Theatre in Wales Award for Best Dance/Physical Theatre Production.

Earthfall with Jim Ennis, Jessica Cohen and Gerald Tyler adapted I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down to take place in a vast empty factory in Cardiff, Wales. Additions to the ensemble were made and choreography was adapted and developed to utilize the derelict space. Vehicles were used as part of the scenario and the performance started with the audience, en route to the factory, when their double decker bus was hi-jacked and a hostage was removed and driven off.

A punk waited for the audience to arrive mounted on the large entrance gate. The performance began with a Mercedes van speeding towards the spectators and screeching to a halt with a hand-brake turn. The sides of vehicles, the factory walls and the white house were used for film projections of live and pre-recorded events. John Wygens introduced a string ensemble in addition to his band and the punk was bodyguard to an opera singer who later sang Schubert high up on a factory balcony. Glenn Davidson from Artstation roller-bladed throughout the space filming live alongside the performers.

Artist John Collingswood VJ’d and Earthfall’s physicality was bigger and bolder as the theme of personal confessions found mutuality with the images of collapsing buildings. The factory was later demolished.

I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down won Theatre in Wales Best Dance and Physical Theatre Award 2003 and toured through the UK and Europe.


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