Dynamic Dance Music and Film


I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down

Winner of the 2003 Theatre in Wales Award for Best Dance/Physical Theatre Production.

Earthfall’s post 9/11 work started with live film in the streets outside the theatre and exploded to life as the performers emerged from the shell of a white house. I Can’t Stand up for Falling Down was a dance performance of urban dreams and survival, the dreams of a terrorist collided with extreme physicality, live music and DJ, live film, images of home and street, hostages and refugees with remnants of love and desire played out in and around designer Mike Brookes’ white house. Performers filmed their own action live as the choreography and images projected onto the walls of the house.

The movement was bound up in Parkour: free-running leaps and dives, falling and colliding as directors Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis pursued the idea of physical, structural and emotional collapse in a series of fractured narratives.

The work was conceived around Earthfall’s exploration of Body and Building. The planning and secrets that go on behind closed doors that can perpetrate either creativity or destruction, that can hide torture and interrogation, or walls that can embrace people making love.

This work won Theatre in Wales Best Dance and Physical Theatre Award 2003 and toured through the UK and Europe.



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