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Running Away With The Hairdresser

From a BBC review:

Put on some Portishead, Sinatra or Chris Isaak, tip your trilby forward and look moody into the distance, bathed in a seedy sodium glow from the streetlights out on the dirty city street. Somewhere in the distance, a police siren wails like an old wizened blues star. You cradle the snub-nosed .38 in your hand as you think about that crazy dame and the bum she left you for. Got that image? That’s the feeling Earthfall’s production Running Away with the Hairdresser (2004) is steeped in. It’s noir, tipping a wink to Tarantino or the Coen brothers’ films…But this is total theatre…

Immersed inside the visual world of artist Edward Hopper, Running Away with the Hairdresser explored the fragility of relationships and the encounters of characters attempting to escape to somewhere better.

Directors Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis’s initial idea was taken from Welsh painter Kevin Sinnott’s work of the same name.  Earthfall explored several different movement influences including their corruption of the waltz into the extreme waltz, free running, backing-singer moves and tap! Cardiff multi-instrumentalist and record producer Frank Naughton joined Jon Wygens to create a live sound ranging from Ska, Chanson, Cajun and classical, the latter with the collaboration of members of the BBC Welsh Orchestra. Earthfall’s sound technician, Felix Otaola also had a dual role of orchestrating the sound and appearing as a singer. Gerald Tyler designed and performed in the work.

Running Away with the Hairdresser toured the UK and mainland Europe. (2004)



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