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“I’m sorry, I’m just sorry”

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Earthfall are asking for your apologies. What have you never had the chance to say sorry for?

We’re taking your words and incorporating them into the atmosphere of one segment of the show. New apologies every performance make each viewing unique.

Submit your sorry on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or Soundcloud and tag it with #EFsorry and your apology will be displayed in our online gallery. We’ll also be around before and after each performance to capture apologies in person.

Download our free PDF template and send us your #EFsorry.

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Tour begins next week


It seems hard to believe, but Stories from a Crowded Room opens in Brecon next week. Rehearsals have been intense, but our dancers have done fantastically well to relearn an entire show within a week.


Our Digital Associate has been engaging with Age Connects and University of the 3rd Age members this week and she is starting to incorporate apologies into the atmosphere ahead of the first performances next week.  Thanks to our Digital Marketer, the online gallery is growing fast with contributions from young and old across the country. The #EFsorry campaign is supported by Arts Council of Wales Audience Development Fund.


Back in Rehearsals



Earthfall are back in rehearsals this week ahead of the upcoming tour of Stories from a Crowded Room. The atmosphere in Ballet Cymru’s rehearsal space is electric, with dancers and musicians readying themselves for the UK shows. It’s great to have the whole company back again after the Spring tour.

Our new Digital Associate will be joining the company as they travel the UK, documenting the touring process on film, as well as engaging and developing audiences that Earthfall may not have previously reached through a combination of practical and digital workshops. This runs alongside the #EFsorry campaign, in which we are encouraging people to send us the apologies that they’ve never been able to make. These apologies will then be used to enhance the atmosphere of one section of the performance, forming an ever changing audio and visual landscape.

Surrounded by broken dreams and bodies in flight; Earthfall physically embed you within the action, moving fast and close around you.  This production is an all embracing, dance and live music experience for the audience.  The performance lasts approximately 60 minutes and is an unseated and accessible performance (14+).

For full listings please see below:

Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon
Wednesday 30th September – Thursday 1st October, 19:30
01874 611622

Pavilion, Worthing Theatres, Worthing
Tuesday 6th October, 20:00
Wednesday 7th – Friday 9th October, 16:00 & 20:00
01903 206206

Gulbenkian, Canterbury
Wednesday 21st – Saturday 24th October, 17:30 & 20:00
01227 769075

Chapter, Cardiff
Tuesday 27th – Thursday 29th October, 20:00
Friday 30th – Saturday 31st October, 18:00 & 20:00
Sunday 1st November, 14:00
02920 304400

mac birmingham, Birmingham
Friday 6th November, 18:30 & 20:30
Saturday 7th November, 17:00 & 20:00
01214 463232

Become part of the story #EFsorry

Participate, Production

Earthfall are inviting you to become part of the Stories from a Crowded Room journey.  Having explored personal apologies during one section of the production, we’re now asking you to explore your own apology through #EFsorry. What have you never had the chance to apologise for?

Throughout the tour we will be working with your digital content that is contributed to create an online gallery of responses. A selection of submissions will be integrated into the visual and audio landscape of one section of the piece; with words lifted from the audience’s hand to the performers mouths. A different combination each night makes for a personalised performance specific to each venue.

Stories from a Crowded Room is our 25th anniversary production and explores stories in motion, through highly physical dance with live music, text and encircling film. With stories taken from the performers personal histories and a look at political protest that is so relevant at this time, this production completely embeds you within the action moving fast and close around you.

How can you get involved?

Simply send us a photograph of a written apology, an audio or a short film clip via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Soundcloud. Add the hashtag #EFsorry to the description and your contribution will automatically become part of the online gallery:


Submit your #EFsorry and be part of the the story.

#EFsorry explained:

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Did you know that we are offering digital and social media workshops across the tour – from social media basic to how it is used in performance.   If you are interested in learning more about this please email Catherine Gomez associate@earthfall.org.uk. 

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