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Poland 2014

Co Artistic Directors Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis along with Earthall dancers Alex Marshall Parsons and Lara Ward are heading to Poland for the RetroPerSpektywy festival in Ludz, Poland.  Continuing Earthfall’s long standing relationship with Theatr Chorea, they will deliver a number of talks and workshops based around Earthfall’s past productions.

Earthfall will screen our films, The Factory, Last Gig, GRAVITAS – POSTCARDS, and Too Old to Dream.

Artistic Directors will also deliver a number of talks as well as practical workshops led by Lara Ward and Alex Marshall Parsons.

“Yesterday (22nd August 2014) was the first full day of the festival. The Lecture Dem went really well, it was fantastic to see Lara dancing Roz’s duet violent lovers with Alex (Rosalind Haf Brooks originally played this role in Chelsea Hotel, but Lara Ward had to take over for Poland). At that moment all the people who had signed up for our workshops starting getting very nervous.  Then Jim and i saw 4 different shows and finally got back to our hotel at midnight, somehow we didn’t find time to eat!” Jessica Cohen 


Visit the festival website here

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